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Tendonitis – Golfer and Tennis Elbow

Sports are great to be involved in no matter the age of the athlete, but what if you have aches and pains that prevent you from doing what you love to do? Tendinitis is one of those injuries that may not act up outside of doing a certain activity but with your sport, it may stop you mid swing. It is an overuse injury which causes inflammation to the tendon that is constantly being used.

In golf, the inner elbow tends to be affected by tendonitis quite frequently whereas in tennis or other racquet sports, the outside portion of the elbow tends to develop the tendonitis. Many athletes may get frustrated because rest does not help with this injury and it probably won’t get better without treatment.

Massage can help an athlete return to the sport that they love by reducing scar tissue and adhesions that have built up in the region. Stretching and a heating pack may also help between treatments. Don’t forget to book your massage in the summer months! It will help maintain your muscle tissue health and help you adapt better to your summer activities, getting you back to the activities you love.

If it has been awhile since your last massage, you will find a significant change when you come back for your regular treatment. I am pleased to announce that I now offer debit and visa as methods of payment. No more running to the bank before your appointments or trying to remember to bring a cheque! I’m sure everyone will find this a very convenient service.