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A Runner’s Nightmare

If you are a runner, this is what you need to know so that your body will be able to last throughout your running career. Running is tough on the body in general, but it affects certain areas more than others. Your legs are one area that is going to take a bit of a beating.

Runners may find that the outside of their upper leg will get very tight. This long band that runs on the outside of your leg is called the Iliotibial Band or IT Band. This tight band may also cause pain in the knee. It attaches down by the kneecap and because the IT band gets tight, it can actually pull the kneecap out of alignment when you bend your knee causing pain when you run or squat.

If you are in athletics of any kind, it’s important to take care of your body because your body is what keeps you in your sport. If you don’t take care of it, injuries of different sorts can occur. For runners, it’s important to stretch the muscles in the legs. Hamstring and quad stretches are important, but don’t forget the outside of your leg as well. The IT band attaches to a muscle that can get tight if not stretched; ask your Massage Therapist how to properly stretch the outside portion of your upper leg to avoid injury and tightness in that region. Lastly, remember to book in to see your Massage Therapist on a regular basis for injury prevention treatment and to help with those tight muscles. It may help you to keep running years down the road.