Happy Spring 2024!

I hope you are doing well and are enjoying the warmer weather we have been having. I just wanted to update you on some of the details regarding the clinic for this spring and upcoming summer months.

Just as a reminder, as of May 1st, I will no longer be masking for every client. If you are more comfortable with being treated while I am masked, please message me directly and I will make a note in your file to continue to wear one for your appointments until you notify me otherwise.

I wanted to give a heads up to those who are booked to see me during the weeks of June 17th and June 24th as I will be having renovations done to my upstairs bathroom during that time. There will be some more noise than usual in the house and I may require my clients to park on Ellis Street instead of in the driveway so that the contractor and trades can come and go as needed. If you have a June appointment during those weeks and would like to reschedule, please let me know or you can do so online through your confirmation email that you would have received upon initially booking.

I will be on vacation from August 12th until August 25th (returning to work on Monday, August 26th). If you would like to book your appointments for the month of August ahead of time, please email me or message me directly. As always, my online schedule is visible three months from the current date, so feel free to book at your convenience.

I have recently attended a course on Craniosacral Therapy and have completed my level one. Craniosacral therapy is a type of treatment that stems from Osteopathy principles. It uses very little pressure to help facilitate the body to heal by utilizing the motion of the bones of the skull and sacrum and encouraging them to move into a position of ease to help rebalance the body system. This type of treatment is great for those that are in a lot of pain or those that are sensitive to pressure because it is done with a very light touch. It’s great for those suffering from headaches, migraines, post-concussion syndrome, hip and/or tailbone pain. I will be incorporating it into my treatments as needed on an individual basis. If you think you or someone you know may benefit from this type of treatment, book an appointment today! Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions regarding this type of treatment.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the State of Emergency announced in Waterloo Region this past week and the mandate put forth by PHA and my governing college (CMTO), I will be temporarily keeping my Massage Therapy Clinic closed at this time. As I am unsure as to when it will be safe to reopen, I will be contacting clients on a weekly basis who have an upcoming appointment to cancel their treatments and will be placing them on a rebook list for when this outbreak has passed.