My mission is to provide a comforting, peaceful environment that clients will be able to enjoy, relax and benefit from the therapeutic techniques of massage and use it in such a way to help heal their bodies.


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Therapy for Your Bones

Having a broken bone is never fun and more than likely you would not first think to see a massage therapist to help with the healing process. Believe it or not, massage therapy can help speed your recovery and help prevent future issues with a break or fracture.

The most important thing to do, besides going to see a doctor to get your bone set and casted, is to decrease the inflammation in the area. Swelling causes a lack of oxygen to the region which can cause more damage and pain. Rest the area, use ice and elevate to reduce the swelling. This will help speed recovery on its own, but massage therapy can also help.

In the early stages of healing, seeing a RMT who is knowledgeable about lymph drainage will greatly help reduce the swelling in the limb. The quicker the swelling goes down, the faster the healing process will be. In the later stages of healing, after the cast has been removed, massage can help reduce the tension in the muscles that were casted along with the bone. Muscles can become rigid and tight when immobile; by loosening these muscles, you will also rehabilitate the limb faster.