My mission is to provide a comforting, peaceful environment that clients will be able to enjoy, relax and benefit from the therapeutic techniques of massage and use it in such a way to help heal their bodies.


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Therapeutic Taping

Therapeutic Kinesiology taping is a special taping method that is non-restrictive and allows for full range of motion during an activity. What makes this tape special is that it is one hundred percent cotton, waterproof, elastic-like and the same thickness as skin. This type of taping has been used quite often in sports, but it can also be very beneficial to non-athletic individuals suffering anything from achy, tired muscles to chronic swelling. Depending on the application of the tape, it can help improve a variety of issues that a client may dealing with.

When the tape is applied for relaxation, it will increase circulation and decrease congestion of the tissues in the area it is applied to. With the sensation on the skin, it changes the interpretation of pain and therefore has a calming effect on the muscles. This type of application can be done for spasms, chronically tight muscles, or cramps.

When the application of tape is done for weak muscles, the tape aids in the contraction of a muscle while also helping to prevent injury at the end of joint range. It may help reduce muscle fatigue as it aids in the motion the muscle is responsible for. This type of application can be done for tendonitis or chronically injured muscles.

As a Therapist, I am continually trying to find different techniques that may be helpful, as well as, non-invasive and not painful for my client. The recent training I have taken on how to properly and effectively tape an individual in order to decrease pain, inflammation, and muscle tightness as well as how to support joints and muscles throughout an activity, will hopefully benefit individual clients throughout their day-to-day living between massage treatments. If you feel that Therapeutic Kinesiology taping might benefit you, ask about it at your next massage therapy treatment.