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The Pain of Fashion

Most have heard of that old saying: “Beauty is pain.” It’s not too far from the truth even regarding accessories. You know that gorgeous purse you bought not too long ago? Well that might be the cause of the shoulder and neck pain you’ve been experiencing lately.

Purses can be torture to your body. If you have a purse with short straps to hook on only one shoulder and if it weighs about as much as a brick, it’s no wonder your body is complaining to you. Most women who carry their purse on one shoulder will carry it on their non-dominate side and never switch shoulders. This causes your back muscles to strain with the weight and it bends and twists the spine to compensate. The “purse shoulder” will also hunch forward engaging the chest muscles, and causing muscle contraction for long periods of time.

Ladies, look for purses with long straps that will go across your body to equal out the weight on both sides of the body. Try to find a purse that is a little smaller so you don’t overfill it and put too much strain on your back and shoulders. Massage and stretching, along with changing purses, will also help with those tired and achy muscles.