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Snow Shovelling Aches

A lot of people dislike winter because they visualize snow, cold weather, and a shovel. Winter weather can be a real pain, especially for your low back and arms if you don’t shovel snow properly. Not only is shovelling snow hard work, but it can make you really sore too!

The key to preventing low back pain and sore arms is all technique and allowing the weight of what you are lifting to be done with your legs, which are larger and stronger muscles than your arms and back. Remember to bend your knees to take the stress of the weight off other muscles and push the snow when you can, instead of lifting and throwing. Lifting and throwing uses arms and low back muscles which are smaller and weaker muscle groups than your legs. Over-using the smaller muscle groups with snow shovelling can cause strain and achiness to your low back and arms. If you have to lift and throw due to high snow banks, remember not to twist or turn your body but to throw the snow forward.

Massage therapy is really important in the winter time. Not only are you using some muscles that you don’t tend to work out on a regular basis, but the cold weather also causes muscles to tense up faster than in the other seasons. If you suffer from muscle aches due to winter or have had a strain due to snow shovelling or other winter activities, book a massage today!