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Lift With Your Legs

Do the Twist and… Ow!

Has anyone ever told you when you were lifting something heavy to lift with your legs and not to twist? There is a good reason behind those words of wisdom. Lifting heavy objects with your back while you twist or turn can cause herniation to a disc between your vertebrae. But what does that mean exactly?

Between almost every vertebrae in your spine, there is a small disc that contains a gel like substance inside. Herniation can occur when there is trauma to one of the discs and the interior gel squeezes out. Since many nerves run from between your vertebrae towards your limbs, this can cause pain when the herniated disc compresses the nerve. The most common way someone can herniate a disc is by rotating their upper torso while carrying an intense weight and bending slightly backwards. This is why it is very important to maintain the proper posture of bending your knees and lifting with your legs while carrying heavy loads.

The majority of people who are seeking treatment from massage therapists usually complain of some sort of back pain. People who suffer from degenerative disc disease are in greater danger of herniating a disc than those who do not have the disease because their discs are weaker. Regular massages can help with injury prevention, as working on muscles around the spine maintains their tissue health by keeping them lengthened and spasm free. This will help keep the muscles strong to support the spine.