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Good old H20

Water makes up about 75-80% of the human body. It is a necessary element to live and you may not realize it, but it is probably something that you don’t get enough of. Staying hydrated is extremely important. The effects of dehydration can cause issues like headaches or cramps. Are you someone who suffers from these problems on a daily or weekly basis?

One of the major reasons people get headaches is because of the lack of water. When your body doesn’t have enough water, the blood vessels will narrow, reducing the blood oxygen levels going to the brain. This will cause a dehydration headache that will only feel worse with the attempt to stretch or move your neck.

Lack of water is also a major cause of cramps. Calf cramps are the most common cramp experienced due to lack of hydration. Sodium and potassium levels are no longer balanced by the lower levels of water flowing through your body. This will cause involuntary muscle contractions known as spasms or cramps in your calves or other muscles in your body.

Water will also decrease pain when having your muscles worked on by a RMT. It loosens skin and tightness in and around your muscles to make your massage much more enjoyable and less painful. It is also very important to take in more water after your massage due to the work done on your muscles. Dehydration is also known to cause dizziness, fatigue, and weakness. If you suffer from dehydration symptoms, try increasing your water intake; your body will love you for it!