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Slip and Fall Injuries

It’s December and with the cold months ahead of us, snow fall and ice are eminent. A slip and fall accident quite often happen during this season. People are rushing around trying to get everything done before the Christmas holidays which can sometimes cause a mishap. Although slip and fall events usually cause bruising on the area, they may also cause other issues as well that will need to be treated.

Falls can cause spasms to occur in muscles adjacent to or around the bruised site. They can also cause whiplash or neck pain due to the jolting through the body upon landing or pain to the opposite side of the site of injury due to compensation. Although the area that is bruised may not be able to be treated right away, other areas that may be affected by the fall can be worked on through massage therapy which can help decrease pain and the time it takes for you to recover. After your bruising has subsided, the area may have some spasms or tight muscles due to injury that can be worked on and relieved through massage treatment.

If you have experienced a fall recently, seek treatment right away. The earlier your muscles get worked on after an initial injury, the faster your recovery will be. Book a massage today!