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Prenatal Massage

With pregnancy comes many transitions for a woman. These changes are both physical and emotional and can cause tension and pain in her body. Massage Therapy can help relieve that tension and help a woman adjust to the transformation her body is experiencing.

Massage treatment will vary based on the trimester as well as how the woman is feeling. In the first trimester, general relaxation massage is applied along with any other areas that the woman may request focus on. The abdomen and low back will only be treated with very light pressure due to the pregnancy. Other symptoms such as postural discomforts, spasms, and compression syndromes may develop in the second and third trimesters which can also be treated.

By addressing these symptoms and by getting treatment, a woman can have a much more comfortable pregnancy and potentially recover quicker after delivery. If you are pregnant and are dealing with any discomfort, book a massage today!