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Massage and Student Life

It is no surprise that combination of note taking, carrying a heavy backpack, and studying for hours bent over a desk can cause headaches, neck tension, and back pain. Add on the stress of moving away from home for the first time while also trying to stay on top of course work and there is a perfect recipe for a physically and mentally exhausted human being. School is tough and it most definitely affects the body and its muscles.

Studying or note taking can cause neck tension or headaches from the bent position your neck is in for long periods of time. Often, students get mid back pain or pain between the shoulder blades from being hunched over a lap top or desk for hours a day. Back packs can also cause the shoulders to roll forward and the chest muscles to get tight which can cause an increase of pain in the mid back and neck.

Although you may not be able to change your life style much as a student, there are small adjustments you can make to help relieve tension in these areas. Stretching the neck muscles and taking small breaks can help reduce tension and headaches that can be caused by staring at a screen or textbook. Make sure you get up and move around to help relieve muscle aches. Having your laptop sitting on a stack of books at eye level with a separate keyboard lower on the desk can also help with any muscle tension. Stretch your chest muscles out to help with mid back pain and make sure that you are wearing your back pack with the chest and waist clips done up; this can help relax your shoulder and prevent that constant back ache. Lastly, book a massage to help reduce stress and help further relax those achy muscles. Your body will thank you!