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Electronics and Neck Pain

Neck pain is not always just connected to the computer or office work. Many times, individuals are not always aware of what they are doing at home as well. Other electronics that you use on a regular basis, such as Televisions, tablets, and phones can cause postural issues creating neck pain or headaches.

As you are relaxing while watching Netflix on a tablet or looking at your smart phones multiple times a day, most people aren’t using the best posture. The majority are slouching, looking down with necks bent forward, or bringing their shoulders forward. These changes to posture put strain on different muscles in the bodies. When the neck comes down and forward, small muscles in the back of the neck just below the skull are being contracted and tightened for long periods of time. Over time, natural posture can be completely changed for the worse; vertebrae in the neck can get shifted forward which can potentially create even more issues for the muscles, nerves, and arteries in the neck and going down into the arms.

Changing your posture while using electronics can make a big difference for reducing muscle tightness and decreasing the chances of having neck pain or headaches. By simply lifting tablets or smart phones up to eye level while in use, pain and tightness can be avoided. Stretching can help along with massage therapy to help decrease muscle tightness in the neck and potentially eliminate headaches. If you have neck pain, book a massage today!