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A Cause for Back Pain

As our lives have become more stationary, back pain has become quite common. The mid back between the shoulder blades can start to ache just by sitting at your desk at work. This area is hard to stretch and impossible to try to rub better yourself. When a client gets mid back pain, most want treatment on their back in the region that is aching, but sometimes this isn’t even the region that is causing them so much trouble in the first place.

Mid back pain can sometimes be caused by tight pectoral muscles. Chest muscles are usually in a constant contracted position during the day when people are working on a computer or at a desk. As shoulders and arms come forward, these motions are held in position by the pectoral muscles. While the chest muscles are tightening up, the mid back muscles (rhomboids, lower and mid traps) are being constantly held in a stretched position and tend to be weak. Pectoralis Minor is a muscle in the chest that attaches from the ribs to the shoulder blade. Its job is to raise the ribs during inhalation or to tip the shoulder blade up and forward. This little muscle may be the root of your mid back pain and may be the area that actually needs to be worked on. Massage Therapy can help target the chest muscles so that they can relax and not cause the strain that they may be putting on the weakened back muscles.

Doing stretches and strengthening exercises at home will also be beneficial in maintaining your mid back health. Stretching out the chest muscles (Pectoralis Major and Minor) will help with tight muscles while also strengthening those mid back muscles with reverse flies, rows, and pull-ups will aid to balance out the weaker muscles.

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