My mission is to provide a comforting, peaceful environment that clients will be able to enjoy, relax and benefit from the therapeutic techniques of massage and use it in such a way to help heal their bodies.


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Allergy ReliefAs winter warms up into spring and everyone is beginning to enjoy the warm weather, pollen and grass may be starting to create havoc on your life in a season that we all should just be enjoying. By mid-summer some people are just in misery because of allergies.

Seasonal allergies can really put a damper on the summer, but massage therapy can help relieve symptoms and get you outside in the nice weather again. Massage will help relieve tight muscles from sneezing and coughing fits. It also improves circulation which allows sinuses to drain. Massage can also help reprogram the body by switching it from fight and flight response to rest and digest. This massage inhibits the body from fighting against its environment and helps prevent the inflammatory reactions which are creating those miserable symptoms.

If you are a sufferer of seasonal allergies, book a massage today to find relief and allow yourself to enjoy the beautiful weather of summer!