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The Knee

Out of the entire body, the knee is the largest and the most complex joint. The reason behind its complexity is the fact that the knee has two menisci, the patella (knee cap) which is a floating bone, and multiple attachments for ligaments and muscles. It is very easy to damage the knee joint as it is a weight bearing joint that relies completely on the integrity of the muscles and ligaments surrounding it. Keeping your knee joints in good shape is extremely important when involved in physical activities and for the aging process as knee joints are also very susceptible to arthritis as we get older.

Strengthening your quadriceps muscles is important for keeping healthy knees. Most activities such as running or biking focus on the outer thigh muscles which can cause the inner thigh muscles to become stretched and weakened. This can cause knee dysfunctions where the muscles around the knee are not in balance and the joint can then become easily compromised. Doing exercises to focus on the inner thigh muscles is extremely important for maintaining proper tracking of the knee cap. Lunges and squats with the toes pointing outward and with different variations of depth can help target these muscles. Massage Therapy can also help with tight outer thigh muscles, scar tissue over ligaments and tendons, and can help keep your knees healthy and happy for the long term.

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