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Easy Remedies for Achy Spots

Sore? Don’t be surprised if the person sitting at the next desk is sore in the same spots you are! Desk job workers should look out for sore necks and low backs due to postural issues. Your shoulders and neck may be hunched forward and your back is probably not aligned and straight like it should be. Double check to see if you need to make slight changes; it should help relieve those aches.

Guys! Don’t drive with a wallet in your back pocket. This can lead to Sciatica which is a painful nerve condition that causes sharp pains to run down your leg. When you work out at the gym, remember to stretch afterward. Tight muscles can lead to pain in the future.

Ladies! Heels look nice, but they’re not that nice to your legs. They can eventually cause varicose veins, muscular problems in your calves, and muscle spasms in your feet. If you have to wear them, bring a change of footwear with you to give your legs a bit of a break. When you sit, don’t cross your legs. This can cause pelvic misalignment which will put strain on your muscles and your joints.

These are easy remedies, but sometimes they can be really hard to fix because most of these issues are caused by habits that are difficult to break. If you can conquer them your body will be happier and those sore spots will fade away!