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Desk Worker’s Neck Pain

Neck pain and headaches are very common in desk workers and individuals who work in front of a computer for long periods of time. Sitting and squinting at a screen at a nine to five job may not sound like it would be hard on the body, but a static position can do serious harm to the body and its muscles.

As a person sits in the office, workers with neck pain tend to lean slightly forward and tilt their heads for long periods of time. By holding that forward and tilted neck position, muscle tightness in the back of the neck near the base of the skull can start to create pain and stiffness. Using a mouse can cause an imbalance in the muscle that connects your shoulder blade to your neck. The tightening of these muscles can cause neck pain and even headaches.

There are multiple muscles in the neck that can be affected by working at a computer desk. The muscles that do slight head tilting at the base of the skull are commonly affected and can cause a headache pain that may refer around your skull like a headband. Your upper traps and shoulder raising muscles can cause headache pain to move up your neck and around the ear to the temples.

All this muscle tension from sitting at a desk can be relieved through regular massage therapy treatments and through stretching on a regular basis. Massage focused on the upper back and neck can decrease tightness in the muscles that are causing headaches to occur. Stretching everyday can lengthen those tight and shortened muscles and help prevent headaches as well. Be sure to book in for a massage today to help with your headaches and workplace muscle tension.