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Massage and Asthma

Happy New Year! January is here and with it comes colder weather. In the heart of the winter season, many individuals who suffer from asthma and other lung conditions can find it harder to take a deep breath. The upper airways can narrow, even in healthy people, due to the dry, cold air. These cold conditions can make it a struggle for the lungs, can cause an asthma attack, and in turn can be associated to spasms in the respiratory muscles.

Massage therapy can help with these conditions if treatment is focused on the muscles that help with respiration. Stripping between the ribs (along the intercoastal muscles) as well as throughout the diaphragm (which is the main breathing muscle) can help a person take in air a little easier. Loosening these tissues can aid an individual in relaxing their breathing muscles, ease their struggle in taking a deeper breath, and may even prevent asthma flareups.

If you or someone you know struggles with asthma or another lung condition, book an appointment today!