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Ligaments and Tendons

People have a tendency to use the words ‘tendon’ and ‘ligament’ interchangeably when they are not the same thing. Although tendons and ligaments are both important structures and tissues of the body they have different roles and purposes.

Ligaments are tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissues that connect bone to bone or bone to cartilage. They generally help support joints in the body or may help keep an organ in the correct position. A ligament injury is called a sprain. A severe sprain may rupture the ligament and need you may need surgery to fix.

Tendons are a part of a muscle. They are generally flexible but inelastic and strong. Although they are also made of connective tissues, unlike ligaments they connect muscle to bone. An injured tendon is called a strain which occurs when the tissue fibers are weakened. Severe strains may cause a rupture which will need surgery to fix.

Small injuries may occur previous to a rupture causing scar tissue patching and forming over the tendon or ligament. Scar tissue is naturally weaker because of the way it works. The fibers will no longer be healthy, running in a perpendicular way instead of the parallel correct manner of a healthy tendon or ligament.

To keep all tissues healthy, get a massage on a regular basis. Massage helps reduce the risk of injury and may also decrease scar tissue formation creating strong tendons and ligaments in the body. Book a massage today!