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Behind Tension Headaches

One of the most common reasons people seek alternative healthcare is for headaches. It is amazing how many people suffer from headaches on a regular basis. Individuals often become frustrated with popping pills and not finding relief. Massage therapy can be extremely effective for a sufferer of regular headaches.

Muscle tension is one of the most common reasons people get headaches. Every muscle in the body can cause bizarre-like pain to move to a different area of the body; this is called referral pain. Different muscles in the neck and back of the head can cause pain to move up into the head causing a muscle tension headache. For example, certain muscles in the back of the head can cause a ‘head band’ like pain wrapping around the forehead. Other muscles in the neck can cause a headache to start up behind the eye or on the side of the head. Each muscle has its own typical pattern when it’s too tight. When an individual works a job where they are always in the same position, certain muscles involved in maintaining that posture become tight. After a while, those tight muscles can create tension headaches.

Massage Therapy helps by relaxing those muscles. Treatments specifically for headaches are usually done in thirty minute appointments. In the beginning, it is common for individuals to have to see a massage therapist once a week and, as the headaches ease slowly, following treatments are spread further and further apart as the client’s health improves. It is important for the clients to maintain what massage does for the muscles through stretching on a regular basis. Stretching the neck muscles is extremely important because most individuals will work long hours in the same position and, on its own, massage therapy probably cannot prevent headaches. Home care becomes essential along with what the massage therapist does in order to have any effect on these headaches that people suffer. Consequently, stretching exercises are given after the first appointment so that treatment can be beneficial from the very beginning. If you suffer from headaches, book a massage therapy treatment today.