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Muscle Health For The Change In Seasons

As winter begins to melt away, spring time sports and activities are beginning to start up again. People are putting away their ice skates and digging out their soccer balls or baseball gloves. Or maybe you are one of those people who are only active in the spring and summer and are just beginning to get out of hibernation mode. The change from winter activities (or no activities) to summer activities can be hard on the body and muscle injuries may occur. To prevent the change in activities from taking a toll on your muscles, remember to warm up slowly, stretch thoroughly and seek regular massage therapy treatment to help reduce the physical stress on your body.

Warming up slowly and easing into new activities will help prevent damage to your muscles. Help your body adjust to any new sport that you haven’t done in a while by taking it slow at first. Jumping into an activity full force can cause an injury that will only prevent you from enjoying any sports or activity that you plan to partake in through the warmer months.

Stretching daily is also key to preventing injury and helps to take care of your muscles. Stretching on a regular basis between massage therapy treatments will also help maintain what a therapist has done for your muscles. Remember that booking regular massage treatments once every four to six weeks is an important aspect in muscle health. Many people seek out massage therapy when they are already injured, but regular massage is important for your muscles so that they don’t become injured in the future. If it has been a while since you’ve had a treatment, book a massage today!