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Cold Weather Pain

Cold Weather PainAs winter arrives, some people might feel like it is making its home right in their bones. Cold weather can tend to bring achiness to muscles and joints. It is common to feel arthritis flair up with the change of weather and quite similarly, muscles and joints get affected with the change of seasons as well!

The dramatic change of barometric pressure can cause aches in joints affected by arthritis or joints of bones that were previously fractured. This is due to the prevention of microscopic expansion in the joints because of the pressure. Along with potential pressure changes, cold wind and weather can cause muscles to stiffen up while trying to keep in body heat, creating that muscle achiness and discomfort.

To prevent any additional aches that you may begin to feel this winter, make sure to dress warmly so your body doesn’t have to fight to keep in its heat. Getting a massage more often throughout the wintertime to help fight against winter blues and achy muscles will also help; so book a massage today!