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Ice Massage

Ice MassageThere are many different types of massage that exist and are beneficial to multiple conditions. Ice massage is a type of hydrotherapy application that can be done to help with a variety of issues that a client may be presented with. These conditions may include tendonitis, bursitis, and can even help with chronic trigger points (knots that just won’t go away!).

Ice massage, although it can be very beneficial and effective, may not be the most comfortable type of massage. It is important to be aware that the limb or location that is going to be worked on will first start to feel cold, then burning, and then change again to achiness until eventually, the area goes numb. The application of ice on the area being worked on is different from just an ice pack because it is continually moving; your therapist may also stretch out the tendon and muscle to help increase and improve range of motion while working away at any knots that may exist.

With some discomfort, ice massage could greatly improve longstanding injuries and muscular restrictions. Book a massage or ask a Massage Therapist if ice massage would be beneficial for you!