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A Crippling Achilles Heel

Foot pain can be crippling and you use your feet on a daily basis. They are what take you from point A to point B and you rely on them even though you don’t think about it all the time. It’s when pain creeps up on you that you realize how important your feet really are!

Achilles tendonitis can happen with a combination of over used and tight calf muscles, bad foot mechanics, or poor footwear. Pain is usually felt along the tendon in the back of the ankle, but can travel down into the heel or up the calf as well. Runners are the most common people to get Achilles tendonitis, but occupations that involve work boots or standing on your feet all day can also cause this type of foot pain.

Sufferers of Achilles tendonitis should seek help right away. You use your feet everyday; therefore, a foot injury can take a bit longer to heal. Massage can be done to relax the calf muscles and break down the scar tissue in the area so that the tendon moves smoothly without pain. Getting good footwear along with orthotics will also help with proper foot mechanics.

Your feet deserve regular care because you need them to take you where you need to go. Book a massage today to give your feet some special treatment!