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Waking up to the Morning Aches

Sleeping on the sideEver wonder why you wake up in pain? A lot of clients that start going to a massage therapist complain of pain that started suddenly in their backs, necks or legs when they wake up in the morning. This may be due to poor posture while sleeping, and the key to a pain-free sleep may be easier than you think.

If you sleep on your side keep in mind that your spine, on its own, will not be straight. A crooked spine all night is what causes the pain that you feel in the morning. By pillowing between your knees and using a thick pillow under your head that fits the space between your head and your shoulder, you will keep your spine straight from your tailbone to your neck. Hugging a pillow when you sleep on your side will also prevent your shoulders from rolling into a forward position and putting strain on your mid-back.

Sleeping on your stomach is, by far, the worst position to sleep in. It causes pain in your low back due to the curve of your back in that position. It can also cause problems leading to pain in the ribs, feet, and neck. If you can’t fall asleep any other way, try sleeping on a firmer mattress and use a pillow under your shins and stomach for joint and back support. Back sleepers, remember to pillow under your knees. This will help prevent low back pain in the morning.

Having a restful sleep in a proper posture is important to your health and so is massage therapy. Visiting a massage therapist on a regular basis will help work out those other aches and pains that may not be sleeping related. Remember to book a massage to maintain your muscle tissue health. Your body will thank you for it!