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Strains and Sprains

The difference and how to deal with them

“Sprains” and “Strains” tend to be commonly mixed up when a person describes an injury. There is quite a difference between the two when determining the target injured tissue, but how to deal with either tissue injury is quite similar.

Sprains target ligaments which are flexible, non-contractile tissue. Ligaments hold joints together and keep your bones in their anatomical position. They also limit or control the motion of a joint. When that motion gets past a normal range, a sprain of the ligament holding the joint can occur.

Strains are related to muscles. When a muscle is stretched beyond its possible range of motion, it puts strain on the working muscle which causes an overstretch injury known as a Strain. Weakness, overuse, or unhealthy muscle tissue tends to be a target for potential strains.

Both Strains and Sprains are graded from 1 to 3 in severity; grade 1 being mild and grade 3 being severe. In Severe Sprains and Strains the ligament or muscle can actually be ripped from the bone it was attached to; if this occurs you need to see your doctor immediately. It is important to treat these conditions as soon as they occur.

Even for Grade 1 injuries, resting, icing, compressing, and elevating the injury is very important to improve the condition. When the injury begins to heal, scar tissue may form and cause the injured limb to not work as efficiently as before. This is where massage can help! Even as you are beginning to heal, seek therapy to help decrease the chance of scar tissue to form. It can help your injury to heal faster!