My mission is to provide a comforting, peaceful environment that clients will be able to enjoy, relax and benefit from the therapeutic techniques of massage and use it in such a way to help heal their bodies.


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Enough to Make Your Head Ache

Chronic headaches are known to be one of the most common causes for visits to a family doctor. Most doctors may only be able to prescribe medication for the ailment and not be able to get to the source of the problem. This is where massage can help! Did you know that the answers to your chronic headache issues may lie in your muscle tissue? Stress can be held in your shoulders and neck muscles that can cause pain that you feel in your head. By releasing the tightness held in those muscles your headaches can decrease and fade away! Treatment through massage therapy can access these tight muscles in along the spine, neck, jaw, and shoulders to help you cut down on medication and live a healthy headache-free life!

If you suffer from headaches, consider massage therapy as an alternate solution for treatment!

Springtime Massage

Spring is around the corner! For most of us this marks the end of our winter hibernation and a re-awakening of our bodies. It is this time of year where we begin to recondition our bodies for outdoor activities; baseball, soccer, beach volleyball, etc. It is also the time of year where we can easily injure our bodies due to our need and rush to become active again after the long winter. Massage Therapy is an ideal way to help prevent and, rehabilitate injuries, and help with overall performance.

Massage Therapy can be used before, during, after, and in between activities. It is designed to help prepare your body for peak performance, recover after a big event, drain away fatigue, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, function well during training and prevent injuries. However, it is also good for individuals with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

Celebrate the change of Seasons and detoxify, and renew your mind, body and spirit!